About Us

Fund Investment:

  • For more information please contact: patrick@bobandco.co.uk; 0203 475 4877
  • The Cultural Capital Fund seeks long term capital growth through investment in the debt and equity of media content projects.
  • The fund is an Expert Fund established in Jersey. It is open to individuals and institutions who meet the definition of an Expert Investor according to the Jersey Financial Services Commission. See : Jersey Financial Services Commission, SCHEDULE 2 JERSEY EXPERT FUND GUIDE (2012), page 66, Section 1, 1.5
  • The investment adviser believes that the fund can benefit from the trend of individuals prioritising experiences and memories over products and things.
  • Quality content is experiencing strong demand driven by international growth in prosperity and new technologies.
  • Established as an Expert fund in Jersey on May 1st 2014 the shares were issued at £100. Following the annual valuation by Duff and Phelps the Net Asset Value per share at the end of March 2017 was calculated to be £119.27.
  • The fund completed its fourth year at the end of March 2018 and is currently closed to new investors while the annual valuation process takes place.
  • A significant competitive advantage of the fund is the close alignment with the experts in the Bob and Co family of media businesses. The fund has priority access to the best of the projects whether they be developed in house by Bob and Co Ltd or brought to Bob and Co by industry contacts. See bobandco.co.uk
  • Shareholder benefits:
    • Co-investment opportunities which have recently included high profile West End shows such as David Icke’s Hamlet and Ian Hislop’s The Wipers Times.
    • Opening nights, script readings, test screenings, rehearsals and more.
  • At the end of December 2017 the fund was invested in forty three assets, of which nine have completed their run and await final accounts. For more detail, see Performance
  • Asset split (January 2018): Theatre (West End and Broadway) 12%; Theatre (touring) 15%; TV (Drama) 17%; TV (factual) 18%; Film (19%); Loans and Cash (19%)